Selling a property can be like taking a flight across country.  When you start, you have no idea how the trip will go.  Neither does the pilot! 

You could run into turbulence, or you could have a smooth flight and land on time.  Just like pilots use their experience to navigate around storms with the least amount of turbulence, it is our job as your real estate consultants, to find qualified buyers, negotiate and advocate for you and close within your time frame, with the fewest aggravations. 

We can’t promise no turbulence, but we can promise you that we’ll utilize our experience and expertise to take you on the smoothest flight that we can. If we do hit turbulence, we won’t bail out on you. 

We’ll be your teammate throughout the flight until we get you safely to your destination.  Rest assured your advocacy is our #1 goal, and that means you must be delighted with the service we provide and deliver beyond your expectations during the process. 

Attached is a somewhat humorous list of the different types of turbulence we might run into during the sale of your property. This list is not all encompassing, but it catches most of the common issues. Please take a minute to review the list…